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Psy. Rimsha Bukhari

  • Position: Psychotherapist
  • Education: MPhil Applied Psychology
  • Certification: {Online and Tele counselling services 10 CPD} {MHPSS Counselor – WHO} & {Psychological First Aid – John Hopkins University}
  • Area of Expertise: Anxiety & Depression issues, Anger and Stress management, Conflict Resolution & Relationship Problems, Personal development, Academic Stress, Crisis Management, Adjustment problems and other major Life transitions.
  • Experience: Online and Telephone Counselling (Private), Former Visiting Lecturer of Psychology {Internship at Autism Centre, Bahawalpur} & {Internship at CMH, Bahawalpur}
  • Location: Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0302-4352410

Review Psychologist

Professional Overview
I am an expert in navigating the complexities of real-life challenges because of my background in my Applied Psych MPhil degree. My area of expertise includes a wide range of real-life issues, such as family dynamics, mental health, relationships, and stress at work, behavioral disorders, trauma, and personal development, difficulties in the classroom and crisis intervention. As a seasoned practitioner, I offer a kind and verified approach to address a range of issues and promote positive changes. Equipped with credentials in MHPSS by WHO, Johns Hopkins PFA, and advanced behavior modification, learning and wellbeing courses, I offer a comprehensive and verified approach to enable people on their distinct paths. My dedication lies in promoting constructive changes and enhancing the welfare of individuals that I am grateful to assist.

Research Contribution
My research contributions center around exploring the intricate dynamics of the human psyche, with a particular focus on the intersection of spiritual intelligence, forgiveness and life satisfaction. My research thesis, titled “The Mediating Role of Forgiveness on the Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Life Satisfaction,” delves into the nuanced connections between these elements. By investigating how spiritual intelligence influences one’s capacity for forgiveness and, subsequently, their overall life satisfaction, my work seeks to contribute valuable insights to the field. This research not only expands our understanding of the psychological factors that impact well-being but also provides a foundation for developing interventions that promote forgiveness as a pathway to enhanced life satisfaction.

Commitment to Continuous Learning
I am deeply committed to continuous learning as an essential cornerstone of personal and professional growth. Embracing a philosophy that views every experience as an opportunity to gain new insights, I actively seek out opportunities for expanding my knowledge and refining my skills. Through ongoing education, participation in relevant workshops, and staying abreast of the latest developments in the field, I aim to remain at the forefront of innovative and evidence-based practices. This commitment not only enriches my professional expertise but also underscores my dedication to providing the highest quality support to those I serve, ensuring that my approach is always informed by the latest advancements in the dynamic landscape of Psychology.

Passion for positive Impact
My passion for positive impact is the driving force behind my professional journey. Rooted in a deep belief in the transformative power of Applied Psychology, I am dedicated to making a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of individuals. Whether addressing mental health challenges, guiding personal development, or fostering healthier relationships, I am fueled by the genuine desire to contribute to the well-being of others. This passion is not merely a career choice, it’s a commitment to utilizing my skills, knowledge, and compassion to empower individuals on their unique journeys toward lasting positive change. I believe that through intentional and empathetic interventions, we can create a ripple effect of positivity that extends beyond the individual, ultimately contributing to a more compassionate and resilient community.